From the Studio: Ukraine Quilt for Charity


I heard the sailor’s quote “Russian Warship, Go F**k Yourself” during the invasion of Ukraine and immediately saw this quilt in my head and got to work. I remember being so worried it was going to take me too long to make and the war would end before I could finish it. How idiotically optimistic of me. We raised a good chunk of change for the not-for-profit World Central Kitchen but here we are, three years later, with Ukraine still in desperate need of help.


IGQuiltFest 2024 Prompt 6: Charity Quilts
I was, obviously, unable to post 31 posts in 31 days but I love the concept of IGQuiltFest so I’m taking the posts at a more leisurely pace—Big thanks to @amyscreativeside for hosting #igquiltfest
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