The Salty News: June 2021

Simply The Best

Salty Hippo shoppers have fantastic taste—no surprise there. Get your hands on this year’s best-sellers before they sell out.


Current Obsession

Kate McLeod Grounding Stone
Printing fabric by hand every day involves a ton of washing, rinsing, and dye-handling. As a vehement lotion hater, you can only imagine the state of my hands. It’s no wonder I am convinced that the Kate Mcleod grounding stone is the solution to all my problems (or, at least the ones that pertain to my skin!). This beautifully scented, luxurious moisturizer is in bar form so there’s no weird lotiony feeling and my skin is feeling smooth again.

Meet Moira


My super-long, yardage table, Moira, finally got to see some printing action this week! I rid her of the pile of tools she’s been kindly holding for me and, using a homemade dye concoction, printed my first long length of fabric. This is a huge step toward printing yardage. Moira and I have a long way to go, but I’m all about celebrating the little wins along the way!

P.S. This inaugural yardage is now with my pattern-maker and is being turned into a little number I hope to be wearing shortly.

Until next time!

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