Ukraine Quilt Raffle

On Thursday, February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and began the war that continues as I write this note on May 20th, 2022. Feeling useless as I watched the news roll in, but wanting to do something.. anything.. I started printing patterns in blue and yellow with a vague idea of making a quilt to hang in the shop's window.

Fast forward to May 1st and YOU, The Friends of Salty Hippo Studio, bought enough $10 raffle tickets to donate a total of $2,210 to World Central Kitchen, a group doing amazing work feeding people in and around Ukraine—as well as right here in the States.

I had the pleasure of delivering the quilt to our raffle winner, Johanne Blackburn, last week and she's proposed split custody of the quilt: when she isn't displaying it in her barn for an event, it will remain in the shop's window 💙💛.

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket!
The Friends of Salty Hippo Studio:

Donna and Greg Pitchford
Beth McClain
Chandra Wu
David Landgraf
Laura Kim
Nicole Jakacic
Pete Lang
Steve Franke
Wigfield Farms Pasture Finished Beef
Tamra Redburn
Brooke Epperson
Christopher Barillas
Gina Gannon
Johanne Blackburn
Kathryn Knight
Koby Olson
Bryce Jackson
Becca Seiple
Sarah McCumber
Shana Norris
Benjamin Albee
Brett Affrunti
Brittany Horton 
Connie Greever
Dale Clark
Helena Plater-Zyberk
Howard Weldon
Kristin Jackson
Margaret Erke
Margaret Vance
Marty Rogers
Nathan Gladback
Pam Jarding
Ronnie Clark
Sandy Selby
Sherry Weldon
Alyssa Webb
Amy Bourne
Angie Fore
Ansley Escobar
Ashley Braham
Brooke Trussell
Carrie Brown
Christie--for Nadiya!!--Railsback
Claire Ashbrook
Dan Shockey
Erik Ashbrook
Heather May
Jan Jackson
Jana Gale
Jim Norris
Judy Fairchild
Katie King
Kathleen Radcliff
Mary O'Connor
Melissa Englert
Michael Breault
Michelle Greene
Miranda Dwyer
Monica Burton
Sari Gilinsky
Steven Kolb
Zelda Zinn
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