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Salty Hippo Studio

Quilt Tattoo™

Quilt Tattoo™

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Put the finishing touches on your project with a Quilt Tattoo. Choose a special phrase, inscribe a name, or cut and assemble your own personalized message for someone about to get the best gift ever.

Like ink tattoos, a Quilt Tattoo, is unique, meaningful, and treasured for a lifetime. But unlike the one you got in college, this is the kind of tattoo you’ll want to show off!  

Design details:
Choose thin or bold letters to spell out your own phrase and add an illustration for a touch of (design) whimsy. Or choose a premade phrase to pair with illustrations or textures. You're the tattoo artist, sign your quilt however you like!

Fabric details:
All fabric is Robert Kaufman Kona® Cotton—18"x22"
Shadow: A very light gray, nearly white shade—print is black ink
Suede: A dusty pink shade—print is black ink
Zinc: A muted brown-ish shade—print is dark brown

Fabric is not pre-washed. The fabric fibers will constrict when printed (where the ink hits the fabric) this can create warping of the designs. Once washed the fibers will relax again—and don't worry, these designs are flexible and can handle "creative" cutting, once stitched together any variation adds to the uniqueness of your Quilt Tattoo.

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